kvARTal 2018 & European Year of Cultural Heritage

kvARTal 2018 & European Year of Cultural Heritage

It is an honour for us to present a collaborative project with kvARTal fest 2018 and the European Commission in Bulgaria .

The new mural, named ‘The Hug’ is situated in the picturesque Central Quarter, known for its character and architectural value. In fact, the mural was painted on the side wall of a beautiful house, which is graded as a cultural monument. The artwork depicts the transcendence of cultural traditions in time through the symbol of the hug.  

Even though it is based on the strong opposing contrast of ochres and violet tones the colour palette chosen for the wall is delicate and dreamy, further accentuated by  fluidity of the figures and the overall composition.

In the spirit of modern meets traditional, we once again employ techniques of combining brush painting with more contemporary methods like paint rollers and spray cans.

Be part of the initiative! Take a photo hugging a loved one in front of the mural and upload it on social media using #ShareTheHugSofia, just like many already have. 

Location: Sofia, 29 ‘Bacho Kiro’ str.
Client: kvARTal 2018 & European Commission in Bulgaria